Human rights and the environment in the EU. Challenges in practice and environmental defenders

Human rights and the environment in the EU. Challenges in practice and environmental defenders. Edited by Asterios Tsioumanis and Vangelis Perrakis. Transdisciplinary Institute for Environmental and Social Studies. 2023

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Table of contents

Asterios Tsioumanis

Crises, neoliberalism, tragedies, and the commons:
from the common spring to the spring of the commons
Vangelis Perrakis

Belonging by confrontation: living, working, and struggling
next to a mine in Halkidiki, Greece
Giorgos Velegrakis

SLAPP, environmental movements and the Alterthess case
Stavroula Poulimeni

The Fight for the Defence of Agrafa (2018-2023)
Sophia Zygogianni

The story of the poor, unfortunate cobbler
Megali Panagia Struggle Committee

The Case of Vassilis Maggos
Giannis Maggos

From the most heinous Indigenous and human rights violations to the key to countering the
intergenerational effects of genocide and climate change
Heove ve ‘keso (Yellowbird), Nicole Schabus

Human rights and the environment in the EU. An introductory textbook

Editor: Asterios Tsioumanis

Layout: Vangelis Perrakis

Cover image: Kostis Argyriadis

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Table of Contents


Asterios Tsioumanis

Environmental rights: An introduction to global law and policy

Elsa Tsioumani

The evolution and limitations of the human rights framework

Nicole Schabus

Intergenerational Rights: Rights of the Child and Environment

Ivana Savić

Intergenerational Justice:  an emerging concept through the lens of the international and supreme courts

Manos Kalaintzis

Climate Change, Human Rights and Power

Kiara Worth

Human Rights and Climate Change – Emerging issues

Chris Spence

Appendix: An introduction to the evolution of human rights – Celebrating the inclusion of environmental rights

Asterios Tsioumanis

Video 5 | Environmental Defenders


Friday 6 October 2023 

1st session – Human rights and the environment. From theory to practice.

Presenting project’s main points and introducing key concepts of environmental defenders.
Dr. Asterios Tsiumanis (ΤIESS)

2nd session – Skouries (Giorgos Kalyvas)
Facilitator: Dr. Elsa Tsiumani

Screening documentary “Golden Forest” on Giorgos Kalyvas (22’)
Director: Stratis Viyatzis (The caravan project)

Dr. Giorgos Velegrakis (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)
Social, economic and environmental dimensions and impacts of mining in NE Halkidiki

Alexandra Karina, Nestor Nestoros (Megali Panagia Struggle Committee)
Struggle for land and freedom. Who are we?

Stavroula Poulimeni (Alterthess)
SLAPP, environmental movements and the case of Alterthess.


Saturday 7 October (09.30-14.00)

3rd session – Volos (Vassilios Maggos)
Facilitator: Dr. Asterios Tsiumanis

Dr. Markos Vaxevanopoulos (Geologist)
The case of garbage burning in Volos.

Coordination of Volos Associations Against Garbage Burning
The movement against garbage burning.

Yiannis Maggos
Repression and police violence. The case of Vassilis Maggos

4th session – Agrafa | Western Macedonia
Facilitator: Dr. Maria Alebaki

Sophia Zygogianni (Athens Initiative for the protection of Agrafa, Struggle Committee of the People of Agrafa)
The struggle for the protection of Agrafa (2018-2023)

Dr. Nikos Giannakis (biologist)
Environmental movements in Western Macedonia

5th session – The right to the environment

Dr. Nikos Giannakis, Dr. Maria Alebaki, Dr. Asterios Tsiumanis
Round table – closing remarks and the project’s final results and conclusions.

Video | Open seminar | Introducing Environmental Rights

Video of the open seminar

Tuesday 22 February 2022

Asterios Tsioumanis (PhD, MSc) will present on the notion, historical development, and current framework of human rights, linking them with the idea of environmental rights. He will introduce the first part of a relevant report, which will remain in a draft form until the project’s conclusion and will be finalized with its second part, incorporating relevant material from the project’s deliverables.

Elsa Tsioumani (PhD, LL.M/DEA) will introduce the current legal and policy framework on environmental rights, including international, regional, and domestic developments, leading to the recent adoption of the Human Rights Council Resolution 48/13.

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