Open seminar | Introducing Environmental Rights

| Tuesday 22.02.2022

| 6-7.30 p.m. (GMT +2)

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Asterios Tsioumanis (PhD, MSc) will present on the notion, historical development, and current framework of human rights, linking them with the idea of environmental rights. He will introduce the first part of a relevant report, which will remain in a draft form until the project’s conclusion and will be finalized with its second part, incorporating relevant material from the project’s deliverables.
Asterios has an academic background in agricultural and environmental economics, with his doctorate thesis, awarded in 2004 by the Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, focusing on public perceptions towards applications of modern biotechnology, including genetically modified food. As a writer for the Earth Negotiations Bulletin, he has followed closely developments in international environmental policy for the past decade.

Elsa Tsioumani (PhD, LL.M/DEA) will introduce the current legal and policy framework on environmental rights, including international, regional, and domestic developments, leading to the recent adoption of the Human Rights Council Resolution 48/13.
Elsa is a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellow at the School of International Studies in the University of Trento in Italy. She is an international environmental lawyer with an extensive publication record on biodiversity governance, human rights, and emerging technologies. She has been following intergovernmental negotiations on the environment for more than 20 years, as a writer for Earth Negotiations Bulletin.

The seminar will be held in a hybrid format in-person and online (via Zoom). A limited number of invitations will be issued for in-person participants in TIESS’ facilities, Ionos Dragoumi 24, Thessaloniki, following COVID-19-related restrictions.
Online participation requires no prior registration. The seminar will be held in English. A report including key messages as well as all project’s deliverables will be translated in Greek in the project’s website.


The Transdisciplinary Institute for Environmental and Social Studies (TIESS), in collaboration with a group of academic researchers, was successful to its application for a Jean Monnet grant to analyze and study environmental rights under the title “Human rights and the environment in the EU: Towards an inclusive debate”. The three-year project addresses various aspects of the concept of environmental rights, and aims to add to the ongoing discussion, following the recognition of the “right to a clean, healthy, and sustainable environment as a human right that is important for the enjoyment of human rights” (UN Human Rights Council Resolution 48/13).
The project is divided in five thematic areas, which will be addressed in separate seminars. This first seminar under the theme “The fundamental right to a healthy and clean environment” will introduce the underlying concept through an overview of the historical development of the human rights framework, and in introduction to the legal and policy framework on environmental rights.

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