Human rights and the environment in the EU. An introductory textbook

Editor: Asterios Tsioumanis

Layout: Vangelis Perrakis

Cover image: Kostis Argyriadis

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Table of Contents


Asterios Tsioumanis

Environmental rights: An introduction to global law and policy

Elsa Tsioumani

The evolution and limitations of the human rights framework

Nicole Schabus

Intergenerational Rights: Rights of the Child and Environment

Ivana Savić

Intergenerational Justice:  an emerging concept through the lens of the international and supreme courts

Manos Kalaintzis

Climate Change, Human Rights and Power

Kiara Worth

Human Rights and Climate Change – Emerging issues

Chris Spence

Appendix: An introduction to the evolution of human rights – Celebrating the inclusion of environmental rights

Asterios Tsioumanis

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